Due to COVID-19 and the current extenuating circumstances our group is meeting virtually per the calendar events below



Daily Meditations

Morning Virtual Meditations

Begin at 5:45am for a 45 min sit ending at 6:30am

Evening Virtual Meditations

Begin at 9:15pm with a short chant followed by a 30 min sit ending at 9:45pm

These sessions are offered to help sustain a commitment to your practice. Feel free to come and go in the session as suits your circumstances.

To join us for the virtual meditations, please contact us for meeting password

Please Note: There are no confirmation emails sent for these sessions. 

Weekly Meetings

Meetings occur every Sunday at Dhammapāla's virtually on Zoom starting at 10am unless otherwise noted. For meeting structure please click here.

Confirmation emails (or last minute cancellations if need be) are sent prior to the weekly meetings. Please subscribe if you would like to be added to the mailing list.


(Moon Days)

Uposathas or moon phase days are observed by extending the evening virtual meditation session until midnight. This is a silent session with the intent of camaraderie in dedicated practice on Uposatha. 

Uposatha days are indicated in the calendar below and are observed weekly on differing days.

Please feel free to join as long as you like either in sitting/walking or both.



Both the Sunday sessions and daily meditation sessions resume starting January 3, 2021 per calendar below

Occasional holidays as they occur will be confirmed by email.

*As with everything, this is all subject to change. We update our members of any changes as we go. Thanks for your understanding 🙏🏽 



The calendar below indicates the upcoming meetings. While we strive to keep this up to date as possible, life happens. Anicca as they say...
Thanks for your understanding 🙏🏽