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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Theravada Buddhism?
    If you are new to Therevada Buddhism, Access to Insight has wonderful information regarding this topic. Please click here.


  2. What is Thai Forest Tradition?
    Bodhi Mitta are friends of Birken Forest Monastery, a branch monastery of the Thai Forest Tradition. For more information on the Thai Forest tradition, please click here.


  3. How do I meditate?
    If you have never meditated before click here. For more information contact us prior to your first visit and I can provide instructions just before the group meditation starts.


  4. What should I bring?
    We have a lots of zabutons (base cushions) and a few Zafus for sitting. Feel free to bring your own cushions. Alternatively you can always purchase a meditation bench made by one of our members. For more details on the bench please email us. Feel free to bring a home baked snack or treat to share with the group. For teas, please contact Dhammapala to see if the tea stash is running low.


  5. Can I donate to the Bodhi Mitta?
    If you wish to provide monetary donations there is a bowl labelled ‘Dana’ for you to do so. A small portion is used to maintain this website and the information it contains. The remainder of the donations will be collected and provided to Birken Forest Monastery.


  6. Where do I get a meditation bench?
    Our very own M.P. makes custom meditation benches. Please email us for more information.


  7. I’ve sat before but I could never do 40 minutes! Can I still come?
    Absolutely. We do encourage guests to try and sit the full 40 minutes (you can surprise yourself) but understand that it may be a new challenge. If sitting is proving to be challenging, then you may switch from sitting meditation to standing meditation as quietly as possible. For more information email us.


  8. I’m running late, can I still come?
    Yes! If you are running late, enter the house and grab or set up your cushion as quietly as possible, and join us in meditation.


  9. I have to leave early, is that ok?
    Yes! Please refrain from leaving during the meditation portion so as not to disturb others.


  10. I had to leave and skip the Dhamma talk. Can you share it with me?
    We keep a brief log of each meeting in which you will find the Dhamma talk we listened to on the sittings page. You can find the sittings page here.

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