Our group follows along with the Upāsikā/Upāsaka program offered by Birken Forest Monastery for the monthly study sessions. The term Upāsikā/Upāsaka refers to dedicated lay practitioners who are interested in a deeper understanding of the Dhamma. The program follows a month(s) long focus on various different themes within the Buddha’s teachings relying on Suttas, commentary by various Ajahns (teachers), and Dhamma talks as outlined by the Upāsikā/Upāsaka program offered by Birken Forest Monastery. As such the discussion is constrained to the topic material offered below.

Current Focus

Our current focus is on the Buddha’s teachings on Nibbana. We are following along with ‘The Island’ by Ajahn Passano & Ajahn Amaro

A copy of the book is available by clicking on the pdf symbol for download (also available on the Dhamma Drive)


Current Chapter

You can find the current chapter Dhamma talks and Sutta Study below. Feel free to download them for your use. To download click on the file, then click on the pop out symbol top right corner, then click on the download symbol top right menu.


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