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Navigating the Website

This website was built with the generosity of the members of Bodhi Mitta. The website was designed to allow people to find us and get to know what we are about as well as allow members to access the wealth of Dhamma material we have gathered over the years from the kindness offered by various Ajahns in the Thai Forest tradition.

A few important places on the website:


The schedule shows our daily meditation times, weekly meetings, and breaks.

The calendar shows the most up to date (pending Anicca and all) upcoming meetings which currently includes the daily meditation sessions as well as the weekly Sunday meetings.

Monthly Study

A monthly study section has been created to highlight our current focus as well as provide access to this month's chapter files for viewing and downloading.

Other Resources

Other resources can be accessed under the resources section in the menu. This includes chanting (both books and audio files) as well as the entirety of the 'Dhamma Drive', which is our online storage. These files are all available for viewing and downloading.

How to Download Files

Click or double click on the file to open it.

A pop up window will open up. Click on the pop out symbol on the right.

Click on the download symbol in the top right corner.

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