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July 4, 2021

Meditation: 30 Minutes

Dhamma Talk(s): Listened to Dependant Origination by Ajahn Brahmali

12 links of Dependant origination:

  1. Ignorance (avijja)

  2. Kamma formations (sankhara)

  3. Consciousness (viññana)

  4. Mentality-materiality (namarupa)

  5. Sixfold sense base (salayatana)

  6. Contact (phassa)

  7. Feeling (vedana)

  8. Craving (tanha)

  9. Clinging (upadana)

  10. Existence (bhava)

  11. Birth (jati)

  12. Suffering (dukkha)

Also offered as an additional talk on Dependant Origination:


  • Upasika program 2022 from Birken Monastery registration now open!

  • Forest fires close to Birken! They are alright and preparing for an evacuation if necessary

  • Dhammapala will not be able to host July 11. Chitrika has kindly offered to host.

  • Dhammapala is meditating to midnight after evening meditation session. Feel free to join him!

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