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Bodhi Mitta

Kalyāṇamitta Theravada Group


Our small group was created in 2015 by Dhammapāla (Frank) and he continues to host it on a weekly basis. His intent was to help deepen his and others practice by creating a space for like minded individuals keen on practicing the teachings of the Buddha. What started out as simply a meditation group has morphed into a beautiful alcove for meditation, reflecting on the Dhamma, and wonderful friendship(s) along the Buddhist path.


The group was formerly named Bodhi Sangha. After learning the term Sangha refers to the monastic and arahat community, we decided to rename to Bodhi Mitta.


Our intent is to create a space that allows people to hear the Dhamma (the teachings of the Buddha), reflect on them, as well as to meditate together. In our current day and age we are blessed to have the teachings so readily available to us by many Ajahns (teachers in the Thai Forest tradition). Our group in particular (since being affiliated with Birken Forest Monastery) listens primarily to Luang Por Sona or recommended teachings from various Ajahns.

A lot of the terminology used on this website and in our group is in Pali; a commonly used language within the Theravada world.

May all be well, peaceful, and free from harm


Our Meetings have a typical format of the following: 

  • Arrive at 9:45am to help set up

  • 10am Chant and Meditate for 40-45 mins

  • 10 min stretch and grabbing tea and snacks

  • Listen to a short Dhamma talk for 20 min

  • Share Reflections and Dhamma discussion

  • End at 11:45am

The last Sunday of every month, we dedicate time to doing a deeper dive of the month's study, in which the entire meeting is divided into listening to the last talk of the relevant chapter and having a Dhamma discussion.

We study along side with the Upāsikā/Upāsaka program setup by Birken Forest Monastery Currently these are month(s) long focus on various themes within the Buddha’s teachings. 

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